Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventures in Toy Land

Ok, so I promised pics of the softies that I made and here they are. Sorry they are blurry - I'm a totally crap photographer. I got the patterns for these toys from More Softies.

These pocket gnomes aren't really like the one in the book - I just couldn't get the face right. They were designed by Ellen Box (Bonspiel) and hers are super cute. I gave up on the eyes in the end and just bought buttons. Mustaches were also required - they do have mouths but I like the lumberjack look and made them super hairy. The littlest one - my favourite - is made at the size published in the book (I didn't enlarge it) and the big one is made to Ellen Box's measurements. I forgot to check the direction of their hats though so they don't match up. The yellow fabric is a stretch knit that I scavenged from the Bulimba Belles giveaway table so I can enter them into the Challenge competition this month. That same yellow fabric has also been used to make a bumble bee. However, I am stooopid and I put the bee stripes the wrong way on it and it looks like a yellow submarine with little wings (according to my Sam). This is what happens when I try to get creative and make something without a pattern. There will be pictures once the shame dies down enough for me to post them.

This little elephant is Olga from the same book. Olga is TINY and I couldn't sew her gusset in properly. There was much swearing while I tried (multiple times) to turn out the trunk too. It was worth the frustration though - I think she's sweet. I made her using Dick & Jane fabric. I've previously used this fabric as lining in a satchel for Hilary to run around Camden Market with when she reaches London.

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