Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Customer Project: Geeky Business Shirt

Sorry that we seem to have disappear from the face of the Earth since our return from Japan. In hindsight booking 3 rather large markets in the week and a half after our return wasn't the best of ideas. We have been very tired little bunnies.

Things seem to be a bit more under control now so hopefully you will see us around here a bit more. Today we would like to share another awesome customer project with you all.

Rosemary was kind enough to send us a picture of the business shirt that she made.

She has used our very own Invaded Pinstripe fabric design, the great thing about this fabric is that it looks like a standard stripe until you get in close enough to see that there are actually little space invaders on the fabric. Sneaky Geeky :)

Do you have a project that you used Voodoo Rabbit products for? You can share them with us via email ( or our Flickr group.

 - Ky

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  1. And here is me thinking I had done something to upset the bunnies! I should have known guys must be exhausted.
    I love this shirt...taking the old business shirt to a new level - looks really well made.