Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making Bias Binding

Occasionally you just cannot find the right size or colour bias tape (or all of the shops are shut because it is midnight and you just have to finish your project right now) required to finish off a project.

Pipi's Kitchen Bib - Back Detail
Bias Binding around bib made from red homespun cotton

Never fear, making you own is not too hard and a few minutes on Google will supply you with numerous tutorials. Here is one of our favourites as, unlike a lot of tutorials, it uses the entire piece of fabric instead of leaving you with two fairly unusable triangles at each end.

How To Make Continuous Bias/Binding Tape by Make It Modern

The link to this tutorial has been added to our Tutorials page.

Another niffty little device is the Bias Binder Foot for your sewing machine, I purchased mine here. It can be a great help and enables you to attach the bias binding to an edge in one go.

Bias binding can be used for more than just binding quilts, we have used it for binding bibs, armholes, neckholes and corsets, joining bunting flags and embellishing clothing. It can be a great was of using up a 1/2m remnant of fabric.

Japanese Style Brown 12 Gored Skirt - Detail
Bias Binding made from chocolate and tan homespun and a Japanese fabric
remnant. Used as embellishment on the bottom of a skirt

- Ky

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  1. I have just started making my own and my first little piece is made with your gorgeous blue invaders fabric...I cannot believe how well it turned out and looks great on this new creation of mine. So easy to make and used one of my precious Voodoo Rabbit scraps! I am off to check out the bias foot - sounds like a charm!
    Robyn Lee x