Sunday, October 2, 2011

Win FREE tickets to the Craft and Quilt Fair - Brisbane 2011

The Brisbane Craft and Quilt Show starts in LESS than 3 weeks and for the first time ever Voodoo Rabbit will be there! The bunnies are madly cutting and folding fabrics in preparation and we also have FREE TICKETS to give away, in conjunction with Pauline at Funky Friends Factory.

Pauline has designed lots of new patterns since last year’s show like SAMMY the SHARK. He is super quick and cute to make!

Cloud is such a child sometimes - she loves to play with the toys!
To celebrate our Craft and Quilt Fair debut, we are giving away FREE TICKETS to the show AND you can also win PATTERN AND FABRIC VOUCHER prizes.


Let me show you where we will be so you can come and say Hi!

We know we will be well looked after at the show - Pauline will be set up nearby with her Funky Friends Factory stall and will make sure we don't get ourselves into trouble. We will be selling Toy-making KITS made up with Pauline's Funky Friends Factory Patterns and our quirky cotton fabrics. We thought it would be a great idea to do a joint promo to give away our free tickets and vouchers to use at our Show stands.

What can you WIN?

1st  PRIZE:
2 FREE TICKETS, a Funky Friends Factory Pattern Voucher and a $15 Voodoo Rabbit Voucher (only redeemable at the Show)
2nd PRIZE:

HOW do you enter?

All you need to do is to leave a comment on this blog post BELOW, or on the FREE TICKETS blog post at Funky Friends Factory to let us know ‘WHICH Funky Friends Factory toy pattern you think would look AWESOME made up in WHAT Voodoo Rabbit fabric. (English teachers – please excuse any grammatical errors!!!!)
*** You can comment on BOTH blogs for TWO CHANCES TO WIN
- pretty cool! Huh? : )
The Vouchers are ONLY valid at our show stands.. so we look forward to catching up with the winners at  the Craft and Quilt Show

We will draw the winners on Wednesday night, the 12th October.

GOOD LUCK everyone!



  1. Yeeehar! Can't wait - we're gonna have a blast at the show!!! : ) Brilliant post by the way! Hee hee!

  2. Firstly, well done on your up and coming debut at the Craft and Quilt fair!YOur material is so Bunnytastic! I would love to see a Funky Friends Factory Artie Aardvark made with a Bunny Squee body and Heart of Darts Stripe for the ears and the pads of his feet. :-) ***Lots of Bunny dust over this comment for me to win***
    Tammy ox

  3. Ellie elephant would look very cute in 'Rush Hour' fabric

  4. What a delicious way to waste half an hour! Good Luck at the Fair. I would make a Baby Bunny Rabbit in Bunny Goth Scatter Spot (in pink) for the body and either Bunny Goth stripe for the ears (in pink) OR Garden Pindot (pink) but I am not sure about the colour match. If I had to choose one it would be the Bunny Goth stripe. Might scare the baby though! Una

  5. I love the idea of a Sammy the shark paired with the pirate squee fabric and go the whole hog with the nautical/pirate theme.

    Thanks for a fun competition!

  6. I would love to see Ellie the elephant in Meadowsweet 2 Dots = one very cute spotty elephant:)

  7. How great is this opportunity, I would love to see a Kiki Koala in pinstripe skulls. What an awesome fabric, and one of our national animals showing its dark side. hehe

  8. Would love to see Honey Bear or Kitty Kat in Spidery Web fabric print :).

    email: jenninbrissy at gmail dot com :).

  9. I have a soft spot for cats so I'd like to see Kitty Kate made up in a crazy mix of:

    "Dr Seuss:Celebrate Dr Seuss - spots" by Robert Kaufmann in the blue and red spots on the main body part; with the paws, nose and tail in the matching blue and red stripe in "Dr Seuss : Celebrate Dr Seuss - stripes"

    Hope to see you at the show :-)

  10. Hi I really like Tommy TRex pattern and the Voodoo Rabbit gingham invaded fabric using both tones - dark for the body and light for the front. See you at the fair!
    Susan May

  11. i'd like to see reggie the raindeer in flamming cherries as that would make an awesome christmas!

  12. Hi there friends! 

    I choose Heather hippo with the "red meadowsweet 2" dots cos every hippo desires to be dotty and pretty! Besides, dots will flatter her figure!!
    YAY For heather!!!  YEW!! ^_^

  13. What a difficult task to pick from all the delightful fabrics and patterns!
    I collect stuffed toy giraffes but I'm yet to try and make my own... perhaps this prize is the inspiration I need. I'd choose "Raff the Giraffe" in some "Shelburne Circus - Stripe".
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I'd love Heather Hippo in the Dr Seuss Blue fabric :)

  15. There are so many gorgeous patterns and fabrics to choose from but since I have a litte boy I would love to make Steve the Croc in Later Alligator by Michael Miller fabric :) Look forward to seeing you guys at the fair ! :) Sharon

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