Friday, January 17, 2014

Fabric Friday - Turning Japanese

Lots of new Japanese style prints have been arriving at the showroom lately. It's making Cloud feel very nostalgic about her trips to Japan so she put together today's Fabric Friday while reminiscing.

Harajuku, Tokyo. It pretty much does look like this! Bright lights, whacky hair, elaborate cosplay and fabulous food stalls. The vampire punk carrying off his girlfriend is pretty cool in this print from Transpacific Textiles :) Loud fabric like this would be great for the flap of a travel Satchel with a matching passport holder. Great fun to whip out at Customs!

Harajuku Anime Grey by Transpacific Textiles
Premium Solid Fuchia by Northcott

Aoi Has 2 Sisters is an ultra kawaii print from Alexander Henry. The Neko (cats) and Koi (goldfish) are adorable! The main print reminded Cloud of the hot springs she visited just outside Sapporo. She also flounced around the showroom with the A-Chan Border Print wrapped around her waist begging me to help her sew it into a pleated A-Line Skirt. I'll help her draft it but she's sewing it herself!


Kiku blossoms (Chrysanthemums) were on show in Osaka the first time Cloud went to Japan. They really are classical looking flower and this print is beautiful. Fans and dragonfly also feature quite a bit on traditional Japanese prints. It would be beautiful made up as a Torii Tunic.

Wagara Japanese Chrysanthemum Floral Olive

It's amazing how fabric can remind you of places you've visited and bring back memories. Does fabric ever inspire you this way? It certainly seems to 'talk' to Cloud!
- Ky

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