Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evil Bunny

Evil Bunny, originally uploaded by kylieD.

I told you I make the crazy toys. This is the first attempt that Ky & I did of the Voodoo Rabbit.

He's sewn out of polar fleece - it's easy to turn out & it is easy to stuff but I'm unsure if I like it. I really like the heart on him (complete with dodgy zombie stitching). The teeth aren't right yet though. We played around quite a bit trying to get the face right but neither Ky nor I are happy with it. The ears are cute.

We're going to try to remake him using a woven cotton to compare. Eventually, once we get it right he's going to be sold at our Etsy store.

There may even be a pincushion version...


  1. Crazy toys are cool...I like everything about him!
    Have a super day!

  2. Thanks mentalmulch! I'll have a super day now :) Ky has made a pincushion version of our bunny - he should be up on our etsy site soon.