Monday, July 5, 2010

Soft Toy: Paper Dolls

Over the weekend, I finally got to do some sewing. I hadn't touched a machine in nearly a month because I have been working on shop administration instead of creating. I couldn't stand it any longer so on Saturday I cut out two sets of dolls from the Aunt Lindy Paper Dolls Large Panel.

Here are the results:


The hardest part of making these dolls was the clipping, turning and stuffing. The sewing itself was quite easy (but that may be because I am used to sewing curves). I used a clear machine foot so I could see the sewing line easier and I also had the machine on the slowest speed setting. Getting the polyfill into the little pointy bits of the dolly hair and corners of the dress was the most annoying part because it kept escaping back into the main part of the doll.

It felt so good to be making something again! My favourites are the blue dolly and the little pink puppy.