Friday, October 29, 2010

Awesome wedding set up

I just had to show off this beautiful table dressing that my friend Leesa set up for a wedding reception.

Look at the set up and photography, she should be working for a wedding or home maker magazine, don't you agree.
Close up of the center piece.

She also did a dessert buffet, complete with goodie bags for the guests to pack with their favourite treats. She even cooked the macaroons and the cake pops. Doesn't it all look scrumptious.

Leesa used to have a blog called Little Munki where she would show off her crafty endeavours, but she let it lapse so she could concentrate on her photography business and taking care of her 4 kids!

Leesa has kindly agreed to help us with the styling of our myRmarket store, stay tuned for photos next week:)

- Ky


  1. Love the paper doily sweet and simple...might steal that little idea!! ANd the books under the glass jars. Actually love all of it, but those are my favourite little touches!

  2. It looks fantastic ... really classy and professional. I love the centre piece ... it adds a touch of whimsy and looks so natural.
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