Friday, October 22, 2010

Etsy Favourite - Astaire the Hypno-Bunny

Our Etsy favourites list is quite large, there is a lot of very talented handcrafters out there. We thought that we should show off some of these awesome items.

One of our favourite Etsy stores is Static White's Stichery where you you will find OOAK (one of a kind) ornaments, art dolls, unique clothing, accessories, home decor, & more... All created with an artistic eye, stitches like sutures & a wee touch of madness.

This little feller recently caught our eye, let us introduce Astaire, the Hypno-Bunny w- Felt Carrot Knife Plush by Static White's Stichery.

Astaire is approx 9.5" (24.13cm) tall from head to toe (not including ears) and has an awesome carrot knife...

Astaire, the Hypno-Bunny (back)
and look at his little tail, so cute.
- Ky and Cloud