Friday, December 3, 2010

Fabric Friday: Caramel Town

A new super cute fabric panel from Lecien, Caramel Town is available in red, green and brown.

Each square is approx 13.5cm (5-5/16inch) along an edge and we were very surprised to discover that the text is in Hungarian (according to Google translator). 

Caramel Town Cube 1
I made up this cute little cube using 1/2 panel of the fabric.

Caramel Town Cube 2

To make the cube:
1. Cut out each square with a 5mm (1/4 inch) seam allowance on all sides.
2. Cut the floral and gingham patterned strips from each side of the panel to make the ribbons.
3. Iron each square onto a medium weight interfacing (optional).
4. Sew the ribbon strips to a backing fabric, right sides together.
5. Turn ribbons strips right side out and press. Cut into pieces so that you have 8 pieces the same length.
6. Sew 4 squares together edge to edge to create a continuous piece and then sew the start and end edges together to form four sides of the cube. Start and end all of these seams 5mm (1/4in) in from the ends, this will make it easier to attached the top and bottom.
7. Pin the ribbons into position on each sides of the top and bottom of the cube, baste in place.
8. Attach the top square, once again start and end all seams 5mm (1/4in) in from the ends.
9. Attach the bottom square leaving an opening in the centre of one edge.
10. Turn the cube right side out.
11. Stuff with toy stuffing.
12. Sew the opening closed using ladder stitch.

One panel will make two cubes.

This is a pretty quick and dirty tutorial, if you would like a more indepth one with pictures, let us know and we will try to put one together.

- Ky


  1. Super cute! only problem is I need two! tee hee!

  2. Tooo cute!!Alice in Wonderland fabric arrived safely today many thanks will definatly be back for more...Claire Hilton