Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Creative Space

Even though My Creative Space is officially finished for the year I thought I would still try to do one each week. Here is the last of the Funky Friend Factory samples for the patterns that we have in stock.

Funky Friends Factory Larry the Lion Sample 02
Meet Larry the Lion, isn't he adorable? He was a joint effort between Cloud and myself.

Funky Friends Factory Larry the Lion Sample 03
Larry has been made up using Tailor Made Scissors teal by Cosmo Cricket (body), Tailor Made Floral Outline by Cosmo Cricket (Main, Nose and Feet) and white homespun cotton (muzzle).

Larry's design includes footpads and gussets so he is of a similar difficulty to the aardvard and hippo patterns, maybe slightly more fiddly. He can be sewn in either woven or stretch fabric and you could easily turn him into a lioness by leaving off the mane.

Pauline very kindly sent us 2 extra patterns to try out so we will be making them up next ; D

- Ky


  1. WOW this is the cutest stuffed lion i have ever seen!!! love the fabric and the colors! and his mane!! adorable...

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous. You guys did a great job. I love Pauline's patterns!

  3. Thanks Guys, we love him too.