Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Customer Project: Revamped High-Chair

I love it when our customers share with us what they make with our fabrics. This customer's project is an absolute cracker and I just had to share it with you all!

Kim and her husband found an old 60's style chrome high chair by the side of the road and picked it up to save it from the dump. Good thing they did because they restored it and it looks AMAZING!

The chrome was given a thorough polish and the seat was stripped back. Kim tried to hunt down some "funky vinyl" to reupholster the seat -with no luck. Instead, Kim and her hubby chose Bonehead in chocolate brown by Michael Miller from Voodoo Rabbit and I recommended that they use Heat n Bond vinyl to protect the fabric.

Here is the finished result! I think that the glossy Heat n Bond also makes the fabric look a treat with all the shiny chrome work (hubby would have been working for hours to clean that up).

Do you have a project that you used Voodoo Rabbit products for? You can share them with us via email (sales@voodoorabbit.com.au) or our Flickr group.

Thanks Kim for sending us the pictures of your finished high-chair. With out doubt this the best bit of recycling that I've seen in ages!

- Cloud


  1. Excellent work! It looks great and there's not many bubs who will have anything as cool!

  2. That's fantastic - love the fabric and they have done such a pro job with it!