Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Easy DIY Lampshade Making Kits Now Available from Voodoo Rabbit

Our two biggest requests here at Voodoo Rabbit seem to be about cushion covers and lampshades. Cushion covers are easy enough to give advice on but lampshades are a bit trickier as the adhesive backing paper and wire frames can be hard to source. When Leisa from Quirky Comforts approached us about stocking her lampshade making kits we jumped at the chance. 

This easy DIY Lampshade Making Kit has everything you need to make a professional lampshade. Simply choose your own fabric and lamp base to match your home, office or cafe interior. Everything else you require is included in the kit. 

At 20cm (7-7/8") high x 25cm (9-7/8") diameter, this lampshade is the perfect size for bedside tables, kitchens, childrens bedrooms etc. You can also turn it upside down to create a stylish pendant light over your kitchen bench (try a row of three), workbench, or as a centerpiece in a room. The finished shade fits Standard Australian lamp bases and fixtures.
I made up the sample pictured in less than an hour and was super chuffed with my efforts. The instructions are clearly written and give a professional looking finished result. The hardest part was picking the fabric so I let Cloud help with that :) The Zahara Zebras look pretty nifty and the print was the perfect size for the height of the lampshade.

Quilting cottons are perfect fabrics to use for this lampshade as they aren't too thick so let a lot of light through. Obviously the darker the fabric, the less light you get, but depending on the pattern you can achieve some funky looking effects.

You can always cover an existing lampshade with fabric but this kit is way easier! The adhesive backed paper is the same as what the professionals use and it bonds really well to the fabric making the whole process a lot less fiddly! You can also choose whether to make your shade for a pendant hanging or a lamp base so it's a lot more flexible than having to hunt for hours to find the right type to re-cover.

To recreate this lampshade you will require the following:
♥ 0.3m x Zahara Black by Alexander Henry
♥ 25cm Cylinder/Drum Lampshade Making Kit

- Ky

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