Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Travelling Bunnies - AQM Melbourne

Cloud and I were in Melbourne last weekend for the AQM (Australian Quilt Market). The AQM is a wholesale trade show where retailers can source new patterns and fabrics. It is like a  very small scale version of the Housten and Portland quilt shows in the USA.
By the end of the weekend our heads were reeling from the 100's of fabrics, patterns and new gadgets we saw, luckily we took lots of photos so we can remember what we are ordering:) We are pretty excited about all the new fabrics that we are going to be stocking and best of all some of them are going start arriving in the next few weeks :D
Not these ones though, here is a sneak peeks of what is to come in the New Year, maybe if you are all good little bunnies ;)

Who are these crazy girls? 
I do believe that it is Steph from Cake Patterns and Pauline from Funky Friends Factory
So what do a fabric shop owner and a pattern designer do in their free time. 
They go fabric shopping of course :)
A big thank you must go out to Korina from Korina's Kreations who looked after the showroom for us while we were away.

- Ky

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