Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Serendipity Studios The Madeline Maxi Dress Pattern Test Drive

In between all of the preparation for the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Fair as well as the day to day running of Voodoo Rabbit I have managed to make myself another dress. I have been wanting a maxi dress for a while now and have these fabrics in my stash for a few year now. I purchased them specially to make a maxi dress out. When we ordered in the Madeline Maxi Dress pattern from Serendipity Studio I knew it was time to finally make my dress.

I have made the full length version of the dress with a ruffled hem band, contrast neckline and waistband. 

Contrast Neckband

The contrast neckband in the pattern has a seam down the centre of it but I thought it would look better without the seam. To make this change simply cut the seam allowance off the centre seam of the Front Contrast Trim pattern piece and cut it on the fold. It is then attached to the dress as per the pattern instructions.


I have added inseam side pockets to the dress as per my pocket tutorial here. If you are going to add pockets make sure you fit the bodice before you attach the skirt otherwise it is a real pain to unpick the skirt and take in the side seams. If you aren't including pockets you can do your final fit after the skirt is attached and the zipper has been inserted. The dress is constructed in such a way that you can just sew down the side seam to take in the dress if it is a bit too loose.

Bottom Ruffle
I wanted a fuller ruffle than the one specified in the pattern so I have cut 3 strips of fabric instead of the 2 specified in the pattern instructions.

Apart from what I have mentioned here I did have to make a few other adjustments to the bodice but I will have to save that blog post for a later date. Gotta go and do a bit more prep for the Stitches and Craft Fair now.
- Ky

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