Friday, October 9, 2009

SOS - Please help us find our lost package!!!!

Ok so this is a long shot...

We have lost a package of 3 Space Invader cushions somewhere in the East Brisbane, Fortititude Valley area. Ky had them in her backpack to deliver to a customer at her day job and when she got there, the package was missing. Please if you find them (they will have black tissue paper, Voodoo Rabbit sticker & an invoice inside) can you PLEASE let us know.

Email us at & we will pick them up from you - or post them to PO Box 7216, East Brisbane Q 4169.

You can also help by tweeting / emailing this link to anyone you know in the area that may be out & about today.

Poor Ky is really upset about it & she really doesn't want to have to cut out another 243 squares of fabric, plus backs, & then we will have to sew them all together. They take about 2.5 hours to make each one so we'd really really really like to find them!


  1. Oh no - how awful. I work in the area but haven't seen anything. Will keep my eye out.

  2. This is Terrible! I hope y'all find them. I'm not much good because I'm in the US. But I'll tweet this!