Friday, November 12, 2010

Spotlight - Hippie House Dolls

Here are some adorable dolls made by the very talented Kylie of Hippie House Dolls featuring fabric she purchased from us. Kylie creates Premium Handmade Waldorf Dolls made with natural materials. Both of these cuties are custom orders and come with two outfits.

Skully (aren't her shoes cute)

and in her funky pants

Custom Order - Super Mason

Every super hero needs a cape.

Watch out he also know karate.

- Ky


  1. These would have to be the most gorgeous dolls I have ever seen - no exaggeration! And to top off this talent the lady has good taste in fabric!
    Robyn Lee x

  2. Hee hee for a while i was thinking..."so where does spot light feature in this post (the store obviously)....but the panic is over i get it now

  3. Oh, they're cute. I'd love to see a faery one!

  4. Thanks Ky and Cloud and thank you for supplying such wonderful fabric with fantastic customer service. I'm just finishing off another smaller doll with the same skully pink fabric and soon I'll get to the custom that uses your bat fabric:) I can't wait!