Thursday, January 27, 2011

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I finally managed to finish a dress for myself using some of the Japanese fabric I had in my stash.


I used Simplicity 4072 for the pattern, using the top and sleeves from view B and the skirt from view D.

The main fabric is a cute little traditional style bunny print by Cosmo Textiles, Japan. I have used a random plain blue cotton (that I must have purchased somewhere in Japan) for the contrast pieces. The result is a little bit Japanese and a little bit Eurpean I think.

There is no zipper or other fasteners as it is designed to be a pull over dress. There is a waist tie to take in the slack and give it a bit more shape once the dress is on. It is meant to tie at the back but I like to bring it back around and knot it at the front so that the gathering is more even around the dress (not all bunched up at the back) and I think it makes it look a bit more Japanese. This is the second time that I have made a dress from this pattern and I have been pretty happy with them both. The front does tend to plunge a little too low so I might try to make it a bit higher if I make it again.

It sews together fairly easily and you do not have to worry overly much about fitting. The first time I made this dress I had a little bit of trouble with the V of the neckline and where the side seams under the sleeves join into the waistband due to some tricky angles but they were a lot easier on the second atempt.

It is an easy and comfortable dress to wear, even in the heat of summer and looks cute with stockings for cooler waether but you have very little chance of getting a jacket to fit comfortably over those sleeves if it gets really cold.

What have you been creating recently, head over to Kootoyoo to share.

- Ky


  1. Nice work Ky. It is very cool & confy lookying but still stylish. will have to give that pattern a try. x

  2. Very Pretty!!