Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

More Funky Friends Factory toys this week.

Funky Friends Factory Baby Bunny Pink Sample 01
Baby Bunny in Bunny Goth Scatter Pink and ghostly White by Voodoo Rabbit (made by Cloud)

Mitch the Monkey in Early Bird Floral Stripe Chocolate by Cosmo Cricket with Gold homespun cotton

Look at his cute little toes!

Mitch's face was quite challenging to sew, I had to stay-stitch around the head piece just inside the 5mm seam allowance. I then clipped the curves around the eyes and cheeks, this allowed me to be able to ease the head piece around the curves on the face piece and avoid puckering. I then hand basted the pieces together before machine sewing the head to the face with the face piece on the bottom.

Even after this it was still quite difficult to sew the curves over the eyes. On my first attempt the fabric folded a bit over each eye and I had to unpick these sections and resew them. The rest of the pattern is very straight forward to sew.
Have you been creative this week?

- Ky


  1. If I were to try handsewing one of these patterns, which would be simplest? I am a beginner. I'm not new to a needle, but I'm very new to sewing something other than squares.

  2. The baby bunny is a lot smaller and easier than the monkey, so out of these two that is the one I would recommend. If you want an even easier pattern try the platypus.