Thursday, May 19, 2011

Travelling Bunnies - The Journey (Day 1)

We set off to Japan from the Gold Coast - for some reason Jetstar doesn't seem to fly to Japan from Brisbane. We drove over the NSW border and then turned around and came back into Queensland, we found this quite amusing. Then again after waking up at 4.30am just about anything seems funny.

We were worried about being late and missing the flight. We shouldn't have - we were 2 hours early for a plane that was over 1 hour late. At Cooly airport you get to wander out to the plane via the tarmac. Apparently this means 'take a photo of the plane'. So we did ^_^

Finally on the plane and ready to go! Blurriness totally due to excitement - not poor photography skills. We didn't look quite as perky 9 hours later when we disembarked though! Cloud was tempted to do a Gaga and put Coke cans in her hair for the arrival but the flight squashed all ideas of fun out of her. It also squashed all feeling out of our legs :P

First can of coffe from a vending machine :)

Today we are off to have a look around and go to the Lecien showroom this afternoon.

- Ky and Cloud

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  1. oooh shopping at 'Lecien'! It is great to put faces to the names - although I still don't know who is who...I am guessing Kylie on the right and Cloud on the left? Great Pic too!