Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frock Out at Piece Together

It has been far too long since we got out and about (or blogged either but we'll forget about that) so last night we took ourselves down to Piece Together for their first Frock Out night. Frock Out was run by Steph from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World to give us all an opportunity to show off that dress you made and love and never wear and come meet other like-minded sewists. Cloud cheated and got me to sew her dress for her. I think it turned out pretty well!

Trim Fabric: Navy wool / linen blend picked up at East Coast Fabrics
Pattern: Simplicity 4072 (discontinued)

I at least made Cloud cut out the fabric (I'd sew a LOT more if I didn't have to do the cutting out / prep work first!). I wore my Kitty Kokeshi dress but didn't get a picture - Cloud was too busy hogging the limelight to let me get a snap. I promise to photograph it soon.

There were loads of lovely ladies in attendance including Tammie & Jennine from Piece Together and Steph in her amazing Tuxedo Dress. Mexican noms were also provided. We love it - usually on sewing nights, Cloud & I make either nachos or burritos so we were well impressed by the offerings last night!

Delicious Mexican Noms from The Burrito Bar

Full house at the fab Piece Together sewing studio!

Not only did we get to Frock Out, we also got our craft on. Steph ran a tutorial on making Dior Style Silk Roses. Put together as a triplet, the roses make gorgeous hair accessories or brooches.

Cloud pretending that she didn't just sew the wrong sized petal on her rose...

Craftiness in action. Note Cloud's glass of wine in the foreground. She is adamant it did not contribute to rose-wonkiness.

The finished roses! Cloud put hers into her hair immediately then swanned around showing them off. I attached mine to a simple black You Sew Girl Party Purse that I whipped up especially for the night.

We need to go out more often to events like this - we had a great night and loved showing off our handmade clothes and accessories.

If you want to make Dior Roses for yourself (they are super easy) you can find the tutorial here on Steph's blog. Also make sure you check out the new Piece Together workshop timetable - the space is amazing to work in and the projects are cool to make too.


  1. Oh! Love your write-up and your photos are so cute. :) It was really lovely to have you two there, great night.



    Halloween party, anyone? I know it's an American thing, but I'm American... Hmmm?

    1. Thanks Steph, I'd love to do a Halloween party, as long as we get to dress up :)