Friday, July 5, 2013

Fabric Friday - Spooktacular Halloween Fabrics by Blend Fabrics

Halloween is every day here at Voodoo Rabbit! Team it up with a retro repro / vintage feel and it really pings on our fabric radar. We don’t really like the ‘traditional’ pumpkin fabrics that are available for Halloween but this range is the exception to the rule! Spooktacular has been designed for Blend Fabrics by Maude Asbury (she also designed the Crabtastic range that Cloud loved so much). Bright pumpkin orange, black, greys & chartreuse green combine beautifully. The colours are bright and punchy but still have that retro look with the use of 50’s Letraset style shading dots. The designs are simple and reminiscent of Americana advertising signage and have bold images of Witches Brew bottles, skitty-kitty Cats, grinning Jack O Lanterns and flying Bats. Just perfect!

Top Row
Middle Row
Bottom Row

As an added bonus, Blend Fabrics also have a free PDF pattern download for this rather fetching table runner! I (Ky) want to make this up so much – I am a sucker for the stained glass look and the fabrics themselves are just too yummy to resist. Perfect hallway decoration for Trick or Treat time this year, no?

Are you decorating for Halloween this year? We’d love to know what decorations you make / sew / create for one of the most fun days of the year.

- Ky and Cloud

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