Friday, March 14, 2014

Fabric Friday - Call of the Sirens

My 7 year old nephew, Mason, is more than a little bit obsessed with pretty girls and mermaids. I made a quilt for my niece, Adanna, when she was 3 years old but somehow, never got around to making one for Mason. Unfortunately, I need to replace Adanna's quilt (long story, won't go there) and I thought I couldn't do that and STILL not make one for her brother.

I wasn't sure if our Alexander Henry Sea Sirens would be a bit too adult for Mason but he LOVES them. His mum thinks they are great because he will probably love them just as much when he is 15 years old. Just for different reasons :P

Mason is quite partial to pink so I teamed up the mermaids with the coral coloured Sea Ponies. Some of the mermaids have pink flowers in their hair so they tie in quite well. The Double-Sided Japanese Dobby will add a bit of texture and gives me options with the colour balance. Got to love two fabrics for the price of one!

I haven't decided how I'm going to piece it all together yet. The quilt will be cot-sized so Mason can use it as a lap quilt on the couch in winter or a play mat or to snuggle with in bed. The mermaids are (obviously) going to be the main feature and they are almost 30cm tall each so I'm leaning towards a big centre panel with borders around to make up the quilt. Top stitching is going to be an adventure - I may try free motion stitching for the first time and outline quilt the seaweed tendrils and the mermaid's flowing hair.


I have to say that I'm quite chuffed at this Fabric Friday combo. I will keep you posted on the progress of the quilt as I make it :)

- Cloud


  1. With due respect, the sirens look like the women on calendars in a motor mechanic"s office ( or similar male dominated environment) in the bad old days.
    Sorry, but I feel that they are inappropriate.:(

    1. To each their own. My nephew loves them & they are what he picked out himself so he gets them :) I tend to see the pinup stuff as ironic far more than anything else. The number of women that subversively use this type of fabric for making rockabilly / 50's outfits is pretty rad. Like anything, it is all about the context. My nephew is 7 years old - he likes their hair & their tails (not the other bits).

  2. I Love this fabric so much! I have the blue and the green and plan on making my first quilt for myself with them! I'm sure he will love it!! :)