Sunday, June 19, 2016

New in Store - 19th June 2016

I've added a number of bits and pieces to the web store this week. I have Jelly Clips from Lecien Fabrics in stock.  I was so excited by the range of colours that I had to make one up in each size, don't they look sweet? I found this blog post which has some very good tips for attaching the frames.

There are 8 colours and each colour is available in 10cm, 14cm and 18cm and the purse pattern is included with each frame. Mesh fabric is now back in stock with two new colours. Great for making pockets inside bags and organisers. 

I know that picking interfacing can be tricky when it comes to bag making. To that end I have made up stabiliser kits for a number of our more popular bag patterns. I am slowly adding them to the website. I have just added two kits for the Necessary Clutch Wallet. The light kit is recommended for beginners while the medium is a bit stiffer and thicker. 




Till next week, Happy Sewing :)
- Ky

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