Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adventures in Toy Land

Further adventures in toy making by Cloud today.

Ky & I want to make a 3D soft toy version of our Voodoo Rabbit logo. Usually I make the weird toys so I was 'volunteered' to come up with a prototype / pattern. Let me just start with the disclaimer that I'm not good at visualising a finished product from a pattern, let alone knowing about construction of shapes from fabric. I've only been sewing for about 18 months & I do it sporadically at best. I usually do patchwork and there's no shape construction there -  the designs are flat.

OK, here goes....

I started off by cannibalising a pattern from a bunny rug for the head, scanned it in & reduced the size. Then I needed to come up with the shape for the body & legs. I drew it all out on scrap fabric and got ready to sew together the first attempt.

The pattern works (in theory) by creating the bunny in quarters and then joining all the bits together.

I figured unpicking would be necessary at some stage of the process so put in bright red thread & set the stitch length really long so it wouldn't be to feral to do when the time came. Good thing I did because...

...I sewed the bum of my rabbit to the rest of its body when I joined it all up! After fixing that little hiccup (much giggling from Ky & me before I could do that though) I started to turn him out to see what he looked like.

Here's the head - so far so good....

And now the rest of him....

Yup - that's right - I only gave him one leg. Told you I was bad with picturing how something will look just from a pattern. Ky & I nearly wet ourselves we were laughing so hard.

Ky has named him Stumpy but I think I'll call him Pogo (just picture how he'd jump & you'll understand why). Any other suggestions for names?

I'm still working on him - there will be more posts about this project but hopefully not so disastrous!


  1. Bugger, blogger just ate my comment!

    LOL pogo is hillarious! I can't think of any clever names to suggest off the top of my head. Work has turned my brain to mush.

  2. Hello! looking forward muchly to seeing how this little guy turns out :)

    thanks for you lovely comment on my blog - I finally got around to replying to you!

  3. Pogo is cute! I think you might be surprised how much better he looks once you stuff him and give him a face.

  4. Hahaha that's hilarious. Good job though, I wish I had time to sew! *flails*