Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Funky Friends

Last Sunday I decided that the activity for the day would be softies, which is the next challenge theme at Bulimba Belles. So while Cloud tried to design a voodoo rabbit softie with interesting mixed results, I decided to just make up a pattern I've had sitting in my cupboard since the last Stitches and Craft Show.

Gertie Geckos

Meet Gertie gecko, from Funky Friends Factory and her twin sister Gertrude. Gertie (left) will be joining the Softies for Mirabel appeal and Gertrude (right) will be going to Polymonkey who proves that you are never too old for soft toys.
The pattern was easy to follow and mostly easy to assemble though I will admit to some frustration when it came to attaching the legs. They are attached once they have been stuffed and there isn't a lot of space in that narrow body to fit one stuffed leg while you are trying to fit it all under the sewing machine presser foot let alone all 4. Luckily the polar fleece stretches to give you a bit more room. The finished product is super cute though and I love the googly eyes and big feet.
The original pattern is for a wheat heat pack but for the Mirabel appeal I have filled Gertie with hobbyfill to make her child friendly. Gertrude, who doesn't need to be child friendly, has plastic pellets in her feet to give her some weight and hobbyfill in her body. I was going to make her a heat pack but Polymonkey didn't like the idea of microwaving a Gecko, even a toy one.
I have one more Softie for Mirabel half made, this one is made from cotton fabric and turning out to be a bit larger than expected. I will post about it soon.

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