Friday, June 18, 2010

Spoonflower Fabric of the Week Competition: Aprons

Ky has designed an apron (with full instructions) printed on one yard of Spoonflower fabric for this week's competition. Please vote for her! The apron features cute little bunny skull & crossbones (based on a doodle I did at the day job). When it is made up it is a cute retro inspired ruffled number (see the pic for a view of the finished design).

Bunny Goth Apron - Adult

The designs appear in a different order for each person who votes in the contest.

Vote by clicking on the images of Ky's apron. It is called Bunny Goth Apron by VoodooRabbit. A green box will appear around the design you select for voting. Your vote is submitted only after you reach the end of the voting pages and click the button to submit your vote.

You can vote for Ky's design as many times as you like until the competition closes next week.



  1. Viewed and voted! And I really did think yours was one of the best - especially because you had ruffles and a great print AND a picture of how it would look made up.

  2. Thanks Screamstress, that's really sweet of you. As soon as I get my fabric from Spoonflower I will make up one so that everyone can see what the actual design looks like on the apron.

  3. I voted already :) I'm not really an aprony person so I was surprised how many I actually liked!