Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last minute Baby Gift

I was thinking on Saturday that my friend Leesa had been pregnant for a while now and must be due to give birth in the next month or so. I contacted her and found out she was due on Tuesday. Crap! I am so unorganised that I hadn't managed to find / make a present. I didn't want to just run to the shop and buy something, so on Saturday night I started trawling the net for baby patterns. The only pattern I found that I liked was this bib pattern.

Dysfunctional Bibs

Of course I had to add a little irony so I used Dysfunctional Family by Michael Miller for the front and plain white fabric for the back. I used less than a fat quarter of each fabric to make both bibs. There was a pocket on the original pattern but I couldn't see the point of it. They are newborns - it is not like they need somewhere to keep their pocket money or a snack for later. If anyone can tell me why there is often a pocket on bibs I'd love to know.

I wanted to give more than a bib to each baby but I couldn't find any other patterns online that I liked. Then I suddenly remembered that I own a number of magazines full of patterns. Success! I found a very cute and easy Size 0 Swing Dress pattern in Sew Hip Issue 9. It probably won't fit the twins until they are 6 months old but that will be just in time for summer.

Baby Swing Dresses - Spring and Autumn

I used Apple Dot Autum and Spring by Michael Miller for the main fabric and a plain cream cotton from my stash for the contrast. I made the bias binding and used my awesome bias binding foot which made attaching it a breeze.

Leesa gave birth to Rose and Kate this morning and I hope to go and visit them in the next day or so. Hopefully they will like their new Voodoo Rabbit wardrobe additions.



  1. What supercute pressies! I don't get the whole pocket thing either. I also leave pockets off babies pants and shorts. It's a whole lot of extra effort, when they're likely to just fill them up with dirt!

  2. Those are really sweet presents! I love how you made the dresses in the same fabric but using different colourways.

    As for pockets in bibs - I never found a use for them with my kids. Maybe it's just an aesthetic thing? Or maybe it's for a dummy/pacifier?

  3. Those little dresses are so cute! Beautiful gifts

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Just love the fabric you choose. By the way the pocket you see on baby bib patterns is to collect the food, crumbs etc etc. I think its a bit of a waste as most food either goes in their mouth or on the floor!

  5. Cute!!! Almost want some beeebies so I can dress them in cute stuff like that :)

  6. Beautiful :) Love the fabric you used for the bibs

  7. They are just gorgeous! Love the apple print of the dresses!