Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabric Friday: Vintage Paper Dolls

Did you ever make or play with paper dolls when you were a child? Cloud did, which is why we couldn't pass this fabric up:

Aunt Lindy's Paper Dolls. Designed by Sibling Arts Studio for Blue Hill Fabrics

Sherri Marquez reproduced the design directly from her Great Aunt Lindy's personal collection of adorable paper dolls which are thought to have been from the early 1900's. We are stocking two fabrics from the range. The first is a panel featuring 8 dolls (2 Boys and 6 Girls) with lots of clothes. It measures approx 110cm x 60cm / 43in x 33in. It would be gorgeous sewn up into a soft book as a present for a little person or mum-to-be. It can also be stretched over canvas to make a vintage nostalgia wall hanging in a kid's bedroom.

The second is another panel featuring 4 different dolls which can be sewn up as a soft toys approx 30cm tall. It measures approx 110cm x 85cm / 43in x 33in. The contrasting 'back' to the dolls is just too adorable and so are the animals that you can also make into smaller, matching toys.

Cloud can't resist and is going to made up the dolls. I think she is doing it so she can keep the little white rabbit and the kitten. Which doll do you think is the cutest?



  1. They're all so cute! I don't think I could pick a favourite?!

  2. Squee!!! I love them all (and so would my two litle girls)!

  3. I love that crazy looking dog, that is very cool. what a great find!

  4. Uauu, i bouhgt a piece of fabric from this colection here in Portugal and made my daughters school «uniform» (sorry, i don't know how to translate in good english...), it realy lovelyyy :)

  5. where can I buy the panel of the 4 dolls, the page cannot be found is displayed whenever I click on the link

    1. Sorry Marilyn, this blog post is from 2012 so the fabric has sold out and is no longer available.

    2. I sell it in my shop on Etsy . You can buy the pattern for all 4 dolls or just 2. Name of the shop is The Vintage Hutch Finds