Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hummingbird Skirt Sew Along - Part 3

I did manage to finish my Hummingbird skirt last week, I've just been a little bit lax with telling the world about it :P

So after my last post I spent the day looking at the skirt and finally decided that it needed contrast topstitching. I unpicked the front seams just enough so that I could go back and topstitch the pocket and then the front seams. This is why it takes me so long to sew anything. I tend to make and unmake it at least once.

After inserting the invisible zipper in the back seam it was time to baste up the side seams and do a fitting. At this point I realised that you shouldn't trace off a pattern using your measurements from memory. I'm actually an inch smaller around my waist and 1/2 inch smaller around my hips than I thought. I still would have had to trace off the 40" pattern but I would have taken the back waist and dart in to a 29" waist instead of the 30" that I used. 

Luckily this pattern seems to be quite forgiving for large adjustments on the side seams. I think I took in the waist at least 2cm on each side and the hips 1.5cm. Once the fit was sorted I pressed the side seams towards the back of the skirt and topstitched in contrast thread.

The back has an invisible zipper and I chose a metal press stud for the waistband closure to keep in with the denim theme.

The hem length before I took it up sat around my knees and made me look very frumpy. I folded it up 10cm but it looked way too slutty. This is a 5cm hem which is just right :)

Overall I'm quite pleased with how this skirt turned out, it didn't take too long and required very little fitting.

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  1. Looking good, Kylie! :) Your sewing is always so neat and pretty.