Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hummingbird Skirt Sew Along - Part 2

I managed to get in an hour of sewing this morning before work and have completed the front of the Hummingbird skirt. It would have taken less time except for a little mishap where I didn't read the pattern properly and attached the pocket bags to the upper side front the wrong way around. I didn't realise until I had sewn, overlocked and under-stitched both sides, doh.

I'd guess that I wasted 15-20mins with my little reverse sewing endeavour, but these things happen when you are trying to sew within 1/2hr of waking up :)

So far I think that the skirt is coming along nicely, and I am quite happy with the finish. Some top-stitching in a contrasting thread might have been a nice touch but I don't really have the time for added detail on this version.

Pocket bags and side fronts attached.

Sneak peek of the inside of the pockets from the outside.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning I will be able to get the back zipper in then we're on the homeward stretch. 

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- Ky

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