Monday, January 14, 2013

Learn to Sew - Voodoo Rabbit Fabric Beginner Sewing Classes

We are very excited to announce the second class available at the Voodoo Rabbit Showroom is a 5 week learn to sew course. These classes will be kept small, 4-6 students maximum, so that you get the best student/teacher interaction possible.

StephC, the creator of Cake Patterns, has kindly agreed to be our dressmaking sewing teacher. Steph loves teaching beginners and has several years of experience teaching adults of all ages to sew in Brisbane. 

During the 5 weeks you will make three projects:
a simple but useful tote bag
- a basic t-shirt
- an A-line Skirt

The skills taught over these three projects will provide a solid sewing foundation with skills such as:
- what tools and equipment to use
- how to shop for fabric
- how to sew woven and stretch fabrics
- how to read pattern instructions
- how to insert a zipper
Classes will start at 6pm on Jan 22 2013 and will continue weekly until Feb 19. If you would like to sign up or see more information please head over to our website or pop in and see us at our East Brisbane Showroom.
If you already have a basic knowledge of sewing but would like the chance to learn more intermediate or advanced skills, we will have classes listed for you very shortly. Stay tuned :)
- Ky and Cloud

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