Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organic A Go Go - Monaluna & Cloud 9 Organic Cotton Fabrics

We are gradually increasing the range of organic cotton fabrics that we stock here at Voodoo Rabbit Fabric. Our current range of organic cottons include retro cars and scooter from Monaluna, super cute pirates from Cloud 9, mice and sheep in very unexpected colours from Kokka and The Lorax from Robert Kaufman.
Although organic cottons cost a bit more than others, we feel that they are well worth the extra money per metre. We believe that sewing in itself is an environmentally friendly pursuit. By sewing, mending and recycling our own clothes and accessories we are reducing waste in landfill. DIY items also reduce our dependence on mass produced, sweatshop made clothing. Choosing to sew using organic cotton just takes us one step further along the eco-friendly spectrum :)

Havana Collection by Monaluna Fabric

GOTS-certified organic cotton is produced using no toxic chemicals throughout the entire production process, ensuring a healthier working environment for the farmers and mill workers, and a healthier, higher-quality product for the end user. Additionally, the GOTS certification signifies that the product is fair-trade, ensuring that it was produced under safe, healthy and equitable conditions. Read more about the Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS) and what it covers here.

Seven Seas by Cloud 9 Fabric

We'd be interested to know if any of you have sewn with organic cotton, did you notice the difference?
- Ky and Cloud

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