Friday, October 4, 2013

Fabric Friday - Special Guest Pauline from Funky Friends Factory

Please welcome today's Fabric Friday guest blogger, soft toy designer Pauline from Funky Friends Factory.

Hey hey hey! 
I'm a crafty guest blogger today! How exciting... I get to choose the fabrics for the Voodoo Rabbit FABRIC FRIDAY.

I love visiting the Voodoo Rabbit fabric shop as I get to see all the new fabrics as they come in, which is cool because I already have LOTS of Voodoo Rabbit's fabrics as there are just so many cool fabrics for making my Funky Friends!

So when I got given "MY BRIEF" - choose 6 fabrics for the Fabric Friday - I picked 6 of my favourites that I have used for my toys....

Ky took one look and I knew she wasn't impressed?

What??? They have to ALL go together?



OK, we reached a compromise, and I chose co-ordinating fabrics for 3 Funky Friends! :)

This is my Ollie Owl selection, the Funky Owls Cream by Timeless Treasures is so cute for Ollie's tummy and the colours are amazing, I had a hard time limiting myself to only 2 co-ordinating fabrics. (Kylie managed to restrain me!) I chose Premium Solid Tomato by Northcott for his feet and Victorian Dream Steampunk Cogs Blue by Quilting Treasures for my owls Face, Wings and Tail. Toot Toot, too CUTE!
This is my Kawaii Kuties Bunny selection. It was hard to choose JUST ONE kawaii fabric as Voodoo Rabbit has such a cool selection. Woodland Friends - Tea Party Deer Cream by Cosmo Textiles Co has sweet bunnies on it so I co-ordinated it with Premium Solid Bubblegum by Northcott for a girly bunny. 

And finally I got to choose some fabrics for my NEWEST Funky baby.... Igor Iguana. I used Salt Water Ocean Ponies Seaweed by Free Spirit for his body and Premium Solid Jungle by Northcott for his Legs and Beard. I think some lime yellow felt would make this combo really POP!!!

Do, I HAVE to stop????

OK< we reached a compromise - I get to do this again ONE day!!

Thanks Kylie, I had fun playing with your gorgeous fabrics..... now I 'm off to design my next Funky Toy.. Mmmmmmm what yummy Voodoo Rabbit fabric can I use for a _____?


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