Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabric Friday - Supe Luche Libre mexican Wrestling Fabric from Alexander Henry

So it would seem that Cloud is a closet Mexican Wrestling fan, when she saw these new wrestling fabrics from Alexander Henry she HAD to have them. Today she has teamed the two feature prints with some bright plains and tone-on-tone patterns.
Middle (Top to Bottom)

Since I know next to nothing about Mexican Wrestling I've done a little google search to bring you a few interesting tidbits about Mexican wrestling masks. Mexican wrestling is characterised by colourful masks worn by the wrestlers and the wearing of masks has developed special significance. The mask is considered "sacred" to a degree, so much so that fully removing an opponent's mask during a match is grounds for disqualification. The highest wager a wrestler can make is one in which the loser must permanently remove his mask. You can read a more about Mexican wrestling here.

- Ky

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