Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Name's Steven...

Steven Seagull...

LOL that joke is not getting old at all :D and I've been making it all week since I made this little guy on Monday.
Steven is approximately 23cm (9") tall when sitting. He is quite firmly stuffed with polyester toy fill and weighs 210g. Cloud chose the fabric for him and his main body is a Tula Pink design from her Salt Water range. We think that the colours are very reminiscent of a hot summers day at the beach eating fish and chips. The yellow on his beak and feet was quite difficult to photograph, it is less orange and more golden in reality.
Give me a chip
I made Steven up in around 2hrs and would rate him at a basic - intermediate difficulty level. I am rating him a little higher than most Funky Friends Factory toys as there are foot pads and a gusset. These two items can be a little tricky for newer sewists.

Rather than clipping seams I like to use pinking shears. The pinked edge helps the seam sit flatter once it is turned out and also shouldn't fray as much. 
Any seams that are going to be under strain once the toy has been turned right sides out should only have minimal or no clipping if you can get away with it. For example the back, sides, under the beak and opening where the toy is turned out through, otherwise they may start to tear if you like to stuff your toys quite firmly.
If you would like to recreate Steven you will need the following:
If you have made a Funky Friends Factory seagull? We'd love to see pictures on our Facebook page.

- Ky

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