Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gosu Rori Jacket - Finished

I finally managed to finish my gosu rori jacket. This is possibly one of the most complex sewing projects that I have undertaken and I must say that I am quite pleased with the results. I think that the finished item looks awesome and the fit is pretty good as well. I actually finished the jacket and then decided that it was too big around the bust so I took it in another 2cm on each side. Luckily the lining is not attached at the bottom and I had fairly easy access to the side and sleeve seams.

Gosu Rori Jacket - Finished Front Gosu Rori Jacket - Finished Back

On the front there are 7 x 15mm Skull and Bone buttons with another 3 on each sleeve.

Gosu Rori Jacket - Finished Back Detail

The back is by far more interesting than the front of the jacket. It has been laced with velvet ribbon and I have used 2 x Skull and Bones 22mm metal buttons on the back waistband.

What I have learnt is:

if you think it is too big when you are constructing the garment there is a good chance that you are right and perhaps this is a better time to re size it than when you have finished.
  • make sure that the sleeves are the right way around before you sew them in, unpicking black cotton from black fabric is quite difficult.
  • always use pinking shears on lining fabric to stop the fraying.
  • read the instructions as you go so that you don't have to unpick the back seam, waistband seams and top stitching to add the loops for the lacing.

It's almost summer here in Brisbane (31 degrees Celsius today) so I won't get to wear this jacket until February next year when I head to Japan with Cloud. It will be the end of winter in Japan then so this jacket will be perfect!


  1. Pain in the patoot ain't it? It looks great though! Can you smuggle me in your luggage to Japan please? I'll just mail myself to you in Australia then I can cross off two "places I want to go" from my list ;)

  2. HELLO, that is freakin' fabulous! You've got skills!

  3. It looks fantastic, well done. I'm sure you will turn heads in Japan when you wear it. Love to see photo's of your Japan coat adventure.

  4. I'm just pissed because Ky is half my size & I can't bloody wear it! It's floor length on her and just past the knees on me. Or it would be if I could get the damn thing on!