Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quilt Block

A friend of mine from work is going to a wedding and one of the other guests decided that a wedding quilt would be a lovely present to make for the happy couple. So she sent out a letter to each of the other guest requesting that they make up a quilt block for her to sew into the quilt. My friend and his wife have no idea about how to make a quilt block (I'm sure a lot of the other guests will also be at a loss) so they asked if I could make one up for them. This was quite a challenge as I do not know the couple getting married and all I had to go on was the theme of sculptures by the sea and a swatch of some truely horrendous colours (I forgot to photograph this).
First up I am not a seaside person and I don't as a rule use yellows, blues and greens, so even coming up with a design and then choosing fabric was difficult. In the end I used this sculpture as inspiration...
Jorn Ronnau. return ticket to sydney. Sculpture by the Sea, bondi 2008. Photo Matthew O'Sullivan
and came up with the following.

Wedding Quilt Block

It is a 9 inch square with a 1/2 inch seam allowance added. I sewed the main sections together on the machine and then added the bias strips on top. The sashiko lines and appliqued hearts are all hand sewn. The colours are slightly more subdued versions of the ones on the swatch. Hopefully it will work with the rest of the quilt. If I get a photo of the finished quilt I will post it up after the wedding early next year.

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