Thursday, April 8, 2010

Licorice Allsorts Beach Bag

Here is a bag I made up last night. I have had it cut out since just before last Christmas with the intention of giving it to my little sister. Now that it is finished she may finally receive it. Combining the striped fabric with the black webbing and binding makes it look a bit like a licorice allsort, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Liquorice Allsort Beach Bag_01

The fabric is from a fabric swap game at a sewing guild Christmas Party, not something I would have picked on my own. All of the lining, webbing, binding and zippers came from my stash.
The pattern is from the book "Making Handbags: Retro, Chic, Luxurious" by Ellen Goldstein-Lynch, Sarah Mullins and Nicole Malone.

I have also added in a zippered pocket to the lining which isn't included in the original pattern, there is a great tutorial on how to do this at

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  1. I saw the most gorgeous canvas fabrics at our local Bargain Box yesterday - made me think of this! There was a perfect licorice allsorts stripe there too!