Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

I thought it was high time for a Spoonflower digital fabric printing wishlist so I've gone through my favourites and picked a few to share with everyone today.


This super yummy fabric is by designer Danielle Hanson, check out more of her fabric designs here.

Robot Gear Garden

Sweet little robot fabric from Jackie at Wee Life, she has some coordinating fabrics available as well. I think this one would look good as a button up shirt or even as a dress.

Sewing Forever Tattoo

Sewing themed tattoo fabric from Cynthia Frenette. Unfortunately her profile page seems to have gone missing so I can't provide a link but if you do a search for her name you will find a number of cool retro look designs.

Kids Costumes

Super cute halloween print from designer malien00, more of her designs can be found here. A number of which feature bunnies which is always nice to see.

Pink Skull Stripe -150dpi

Last but not least I really want to create another sleeveless button up shirt with lace up sides out of this fabric that I designed for the shop.