Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

I wish Ky & I could work full time on our shop. To do that, we'll need to find a million dollars under the couch. Join me on the hunt :D

Step1: Head to the couch (I really wish mine looked like this)

Step 2: Lift up the cushion (ok so shamless self-promotion but I do love our cushions)

Step 3: Find lots of moolah (preferably real)!

Step 4: Open up our own Brick & Mortar shop (preferably next door to a tattoo parlour & a coffee shop)


  1. I really have fun putting these posts together :D Can you tell?

  2. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable request to me! :) I like this v much!

  3. I like your wishes, they're very much like mine :)

  4. How about getting someone rich to 'sponsor' you? Hey, it could work!

  5. If you happen to find $2Million... could you send half my way? kthx :)