Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Only one thing on my Wishlist today... to be at home playing this!

I have Plants vs Zombies on my i-phone and I am seriously addicted to it. It is basically a 'castle defender' game. You plant seeds for plants to grow and protect your house (and your brain!) from a mob of marauding zombies. The graphics are just too cute!

I'm not the only one obsessed by the game - check this out! Someone went to the trouble to handmake their own lawn ornaments set up like a Plants vs Zombie game :D

The image above was submitted to Boing Boing by Moose Gueydan. If you want to find out more about the game, head on over to PopCap. Be warned though - defending your brain is highly addictive!


  1. Sorry, on PopCap, my love will always be Bejeweled...this *does* look highly addictive though!

  2. Looks very cute, I might have to get that!!

  3. I hate the pole vaulting zombies! But I so love the big potato plants (whatever they are) that the zombies stop to eat...hehehe