Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Kustom Kraft Market Over

Papa Squee and his clan of mini Squees
On Sunday we attended the last Kustom Kraft market to be held in Brisbane for a while as the organiser is moving down to Melbourne. The Kustom Kraft Market was the first market that we ever held a stall at back in November last year, we have certainly come a long way since then.

We have had to rethink our stall layout again, we now have so much fabric that we just don't have car space to take it all anymore (plus we were one car down on Sunday since my little Torana had broken down a few days before). For future markets we will be displaying all of the fabric that we have meterage for on the front rack and the rest will be available as fat quarters only.

The last of Cloud's Voodoo Rabbit plushies sold and we have discontinued them in favour of the felt Squee bunnys. If anyone is interested we may release the Voodoo Rabbits as a pattern.
The Sugar Shakers
The Sugar Shakers were the first of the three bands that played during the day, because of the rain the bands were set up inside the hall. Each band was good but as they progressed they seemed to get louder, as you can imagine in a small hall this was a bit hard on the ears. The other two bands were The Vampers and Graveyard Rumble.

There was also a food available for the first time ever, the Greaser Burger was awesome.

- Ky

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