Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Creative Space

We didn't have a market this weekend so I got my creative on! It has been a while. Too long in fact. I bought a the third of the 'Softies' books recently - Simple Softies - which is chock full of patterns for toys that can be made without a sewing machine.

I got the book mainly so I could make the Sampler Kitty. Here's mine:

He has the sweetest little face! This was done with Satin Stitch and Chain Stitch.

To embellish him, I used a scrap of our Gingham Invaded Black on White & handstitched a sampler of different stitches. From the top:

Whipped Whipped Stitch (I think that is what it is called)
Single Feather Stitch
Cross Stitch (to hold down the Gingham Invaded fabric)
Raised Stem Stitch
Arrowhead Stitch
Running Stitch

He was assembled with Whip Stitch.

Kitty sits on my window sill at work and makes me smile during the day. He's so squishable & cute!

Head over to Kirsty's blog to see what other people have been doing this week :)

- Cloud


  1. Oh gosh, Kitty is just adorable! I have the monsteriffic workshop tomorrow so wish me and the kids luck! I did some play workshops with my kids to practice and my youngest made a zombie gingerbread man and the eldest a alien-dinosaur monster...very cool!
    I have this softie book on hold from the library and I am feeling even more impatient to get my hands on it now ;o)

  2. oh he is a very cute kitty. I love the softies you can do without a machine. Very handy...

  3. Your sewing is perfect - so clever.