Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gosu Rori Jacket

While in Japan a few years ago I came across a series of magazines called Gosu Rori (Goth and Lolita Sewing), there are some very cool goth clothing patterns in these magazines. I always look for the latest issue whenever I get to go into a store that sells Japanese magazines.

So I was quite taken with this jacket and decided that I had to make it.


I have adjusted the pattern slightly in that I am going to line it and have added in a back split so that I can walk when it is buttoned up.

I found the most awesome black jaquard cotton fabric in Bargain Box fabrics, as well as some buttons and burgundy lining. Though we have just gotten in some really cool fancy linings for the shop so I may use one of those instead.

Gosu Rori Jacket

So far I have drafted out the pattern and done a quick pattern fit. The outer jacket is cut out and almost half assembled. With any luck I will have it finished in a few weeks.

I must offer thanks to Batty Chan and her "Understanding the Patterns in Gosu Rori" PDF worksheet, which was an enormous help and time savers for translating some of the Japanese text.


  1. Not sure where you get yours from, there might be a seller in your side of town that sells it. But if not, Melbourne has Kanga kanga (www.kangakanga.com.au) who stocks it for us.

    I have almost all the Gosu Roris as well. Lolita and EGA fashion is a huge part of my life. Haha.

  2. I actually purchaced the majority of my Gosu Rori during trips to Japan. I love going into Japanese book shops and looking at the craft/sewing books even though I can't read a word of Japanese. Thanks for the info on Kanga kanga I may have to pop in next time I am in Melbourne.