Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monkey see, Monkey want

I am home with a cold & waiting for doctor's appointment. Should be listing stuff on etsy or doing the book work but I've decided to go virtual shopping instead.

I found all of these items using the search tags "DUST team, Monkey, Banana" :)

Monkey - Screenprinted Organic Cotton Tote Bag by pocketcarnival

Adele - Fun set of ponytail holders by Please Eloise 











Fun Felt Foods Wool Felt Banana with Removeable Skin by mclean2612








Custom Monkey Birthday Cake Toppers by RaspberryPink

Top Banana Bib by NeverEver




  1. Hooray, bananas and monkeys! I love mclean's pretend banana... can't wait to have kids! Thanks for putting my bib in!

  2. Thanks for putting in my monkeys :)