Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Like Bought Ones

I regularly go to general sewing workshops with a lady called Alison Wheeler, in these workshops you can work on any sewing project you choose and she teaches you some of the finer points of dressmaking and helps with any questions you may have. Yesterday I attended a lingerie making workshop at Alison's, the class was run by Lyn Larkin, Brisbane's lingerie sewing queen.

We learnt how to draft up a pattern and make a pair of knickers. I must admit I didn't really expect to get something wearable out of this class. I went along to learn the sewing techniques involved, so I was pleasantly surprised when I finished not one but two pairs of knickers that are comfortable and fit. So with some embarrassment here are pictures of my completed undies.


The first pair with stretch lace front and nylon spandex back. All edges are finished with fold over lingerie elastic except for the top of the lace which has scalloped edge lingerie elastic applied on the inside. The inner gusset is made from a cotton knit.
Undies02 Undies02_detail
The second pair are almost completely made of nylon spandex except for small lace inserts on each side of the front. All edges have been finished with fold over lingerie elastic. The inner gusset is made from a cotton knit.

They started off as a basic generic granny pants pattern that was created from my own measurements and then I simply adjusted that pattern to suit my own tastes. White isn't really my colour but it is the only fabric that was available.
Both pairs cost less than $15 in materials which isn't bad considering you can pay that much and more for just one pair of commercially produced underpants. The only downside to the day was that my sewing machine absolutely refused to sew the nylon spandex and I had to use a loaner machine kindly provided by Alison.

In a few weeks I will attend part 2 of the workshop which will cover making bras.

Alison Wheeler is a member of the Australian Sewing guild (ASG) and is regularly featured in Australia Stitches Magazine. For more information on sewing lessons you can contact Alison Wheeler at
Lyn Larkin is also a member of the ASG and runs lingerie sewing classes with Alison every 6 months or so, she also runs workshops at various ASG neighbourhood groups.


  1. i can see your undies ky :P

    that is pretty cool that you got those done in a day though. now i never want to see them again...

  2. hehehe ... lmao ... these would have been cute in black!