Friday, September 11, 2009

Halloween jewellery by DUSTers on etsy

Innocent Bloodsplatter Guitar Pick Bracelet by LushPunk 

This bracelet is hardcore baby! Nothing more to say - this bracelet just ROCKS!

Amethyst Obsession Earrings by Angelene

Put on your hat, lace up your corset, button up your boots and go out searching for your vampire love...

Dripping Red Necklace by littlewaltz

Goth! Vampire bites! Swooning! Love it.

Ivory Halloween Glass Lampwork Skull Bead by girlfriday1962

Ok so it's not quite jewellery yet. But these little beads are totemo kawaii desu ne! The vertical hole makes it perfect for a phone dangle, key chain or lariat. Sweet!

Pyramidal Neuron Necklace by Morphologica

I love that these are so subtle with their geeky human bodypart references. Who would have thought that little bits of a brain could look so sexy?


  1. Aw you are sweet. Thanks for featuring my Dripping Red Necklace!

  2. Cool- thanks for the feature :) xx

  3. Hey this is awesome!!
    Thanks so much for featuring my bracelet - you rock!!