Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm not the only crafty one...


Sam-Sam's little sister, Rae, got married about a month ago. She asked Sam-Sam and Ky to make her a special guest book for her wedding present. The cross-stitched rose was sewn by Ky but the rest of the book was made by hand by Sam-Sam.

The leather was imported specially from South America. White leather is really hard to find in archival quality and it's super expensive. All the pages were folded individually, then sewn together. There is also archival tissue paper in between each page. The book was far too precious to write in directly - the guest had to put their message on a card to be added later. Photos from the table cameras will also go in there. Because of this, Sam-Sam had to sew in spacers so that when Rae & Joel paste in photos and guest message cards the album will expand properly. It truly is a beautiful thing. Rae & Joel love it - almost as much as they love each other!

The wedding was quite a family, handmade affair. Ky & I made faux fur wraps, Ky screenprinted hen's night shirts, Sam-Sam made the book. Ky designed & printed out all the invitations as well. I made the brides' jewellery. Ky also made the veil.

Ky is planning to put up pics of all the stuff she made for the wedding on her blog, Not Dark Enough. The hens' night shirts are already there :)

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  1. i bet that wedding will so special, because all of the handmade love that went into everything. the books, the wraps....sounds like it was adorable!