Saturday, May 29, 2010

Look What I Made :)

I just returned home from participating in a workshop as part of the Saviour of the Lost Arts program. The workshop was Stencil Printing Using Sustainable Fabrics presented by Sam and Ellie from Red Seed Studio.

Here is my contact stencil applied to an eco hemp tote bag, I then applied the ink to the design using a stippling brush.

Here is the finished bag, it just needs to be ironed so that the ink sets. It is for Cloud who is a very sick little bunny at the moment:(
- Ky


  1. yaaaay for pirate bunny! thanks so much Ky - he's really cute.

    i'd give you a thankyou hug but i'm still all germy :/

  2. The stencil comes up really well! Love the collection of cherry prints too.